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For Projects, Science, R&D, Politics and Daily Life

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(*) Inluding the "Unknown Unknown" with Serendipity

Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Maintenance in

 the Process, Offshore, Food & Pharma Industry

Civil Engineer Sadat ( in purple suit) from Oosterhout ( The Netherlands ) runs for President in Afghanistan in June-2019.
This Hero deserves all the support he needs from the Netherlands.
The WTP-Ship is sailing away to bring fair Trade everywhere.

World Trade News:



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Research Plan 2019-2021

Expansion of the Multiworld through projectes, Health Care & games + WTport build up

First trades with The World Trade Port

Peace & Properity evereywhere also for the beasts & the envirionment

10-dec-2018 at -23 Celsius ( 50 degrees to go!! ). .

Multiworld Plan 2019-2021

Ettore Majorana

Just wanted to be a Engineer like his Father!!

4-Sadat for President in 2019

Good News:

VS en Talibaan sluiten principeakkoord voor vrede in Afghanistan’ 28-jan-19



1-Blue Swan Theory landed in Kabul in June -2013
2-Teaching of the Blue Swan Theory in Kabul in 2014
3-Spreading of the Blue Swan Theory in 2015
5-Fair Trade in all the 300 WTP's worldwide staring with the Benelux-> Afghanistan (2019-2021 ). Afhanistan as Regional Trade Center

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